Technology Infrastructure Solutions for the Electronic Trading Community



Marketlinx is a referral agent for over 130 suppliers, including national and international carriers, market data vendors, trading infrastructure managed services, server hosting and colocation.

Partnering with Marketlinx means you no longer have to manage carrier request for quotes, we do that for you. Use our resources, relationships and industry expertise to secure your chosen solution and the best commercials.

Marketlinx will work with you to understand your requirement so we can find you the best prices and the right latency RTD’s for your connectivity needs.

Read our blog post about latency sensitive connectivity sourcing: >> What's an RTD without an RFC? <<

Gareth Richardson | CEO | Marketlinx Ltd

Gareth Richardson, Marketlinx CEO spent 10 years of his career delivering low latency trading connectivity, infrastructure, colocation and managed services to the electronic trading community.

During this time Gareth worked with Fixnetix, Interactive data 7ticks, Custom Connect, Pico Trading, FXecosystem and Transaction Network Services.