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Cloud Contact Centre

Contact Centre Optimisation

We have seen an explosion of new technologies in the contact centre market recently, and the innovation isn't slowing.

Maintaining customer satisfaction in a rapidly evolving market is challenging. Customers expect instant responses and one-touch resolutions. These ‘liquid customers’ are demanding and uncompromising. Fragile customer relationships in a market that offers lots of alternatives that are just a click away mean that unless you embrace the future today, tomorrow might not be so bright.

‘Chapter One’ in the digital revolution is drawing to a close. Digital is no longer an add-on: it should be a core part of any business, and successful strategies in ‘Chapter Two’ will require changes to organisational structures and mind-sets. - Accenture

Over the last few years we have seen an explosion of new technologies aimed at improving the way organisations communicate both externally to their customer and supplier base, and internally with increasingly disparate workforces.

VoIP, Big Data, Analytics, Automation and API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) combine to create interconnected multi-platform environments that need to be maintained and tuned if success is to be achieved.

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Topics Covered

  • Evaluate your requirements for change.

  • Understand your customers’ experiences.

  • Leverage cloud technologies to optimise costs.

  • Design holistic in and out-bound communications platforms that deliver:

    • End-to-end, data driven, intelligent solutions,

    • Seamless interactions across all channels,

    • Happy, valued and productive teams.

    • Operational efficiencies.

    • Sticky customers.

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